Chantel has penned down a rather heartfelt letter to Eric Omondi and while I am aware a lot of his fans were sceptical when Eric Omondi posted his letter, this might just silence the critics.

You see, Eric Omondi has a track record of running poorly thought out stunts involving his personal life  and when most of his followers responded to his post about the possible break up, the responses ranged from shock to disbelief but most called him out about pulling a stunt:


Whew chile.. U broke up?? Khai na nlisema tu mtaachana ukaniita hater


Broo Karibu kwa WhatsApp group yetu ya Team Vaseline Global... #TeamMukono... #BoraUhai


Gari anarudisha? Asking as a concerned online in law.

These are the few that stood out to me. Anyway, Chantel took to social media to post the following touching post:

Hello guys, I hope this finds you well i have been silent for a while...Eric and i have had long discussions for the past one month. As you all know my family lives in italy and its been really challenging for both of us. I love eric and i will always love him and we are okay; we created the best of moments together, we shared our dreams and visions but most importantly we shared our lives. And i will always cherish every single moment.

As i write this post i want to ask God to always protect you and your dreams until our paths meet again.

I hate goodbyes so it's not a goodbye its more like a see you later.

I will always be here for you ANYTIME, ANYDAY  💞

And I think that this is a pretty solid reason to believe that Eric Omondi is now back on the market. But with the way he put his love and stunts on display, I believe he has set a rather high standard for himself.