The Real Househelps of Kawangware actress Njeri Gachomba popularly known as Njambi gave birth some time back. When exactly? We still don’t know as she has not disclosed that information to her fans.

The mother of two recently revealed that the father of her new-born baby and her were on good terms. However, the mother of two does not want to publicise their relationship in any way.

This was revealed on her YouTube channel with the star saying that she does not want to welcome strangers into her union and prefers being in love behind the curtains.

‘This time round I do not worry about where my baby is at night. Each time I got to sleep I know where he is. I have his full support.’

Njambi used to share a few photos of her new man during the early stages of their relationship but decided to stop disclosing too many details along the way.

The actress also took shots at unnamed man from her past when she added that she was now grateful to have a man who does not spend day and night behind a bar drowning in alcohol. Very particular!

Njambi also said that the process this time was much better for her and she felt like everything finally fell into place. ‘We thought things would not work but things fell into place. Life happened. It looks like he is the one,’ she added.

The actress had a sordid relationship with her first baby daddy with allegations of cheating from both sides before meeting her new lover last year.