Jalang'o and Kamene
Image: Kiss100

The day many Kenyans have been waiting for is finally here. The new and trending hashtag is #kameneandjalas.

Jalang'o has finally made his way back to his first home, KISSFM, where his radio career started and his first day with Kamene Goro was all fun and laughter plus lots of love.

The duo decided to expound more on the new word of the month, entanglement. Just in case you have been under a rock literally, this word came from Jada Pinkett and Will Smith's time on The Red Table where she finally admitted that she had a relationship with August Alsina. But she called in an entanglement.

According to Jalas, this situation is okay. Based on the African culture, polygamy is the way of life. They brought the story closer home with the story of the guy who took his wife to Naivasha and found her entangled with her boyfriend.

Speaking from a ladies perspective, Kamene mentioned that the lady cheating needs just a bit more than what the husband has to offer and no, it has nothing to do with money.

She has the good life with this man you see she is even being taken to Naivasha in a Mercedes and she was tak00en to a seven-star hotel but It is not about money. Men on the hashtag are saying women like money but it is besides the point. Women crave for time and attention.

Jalang'o did not agree with her and he said there is nothing as dangerous as a broke man who has a good bedminton game.

It is not about time, this guy has already made time. He has made time to go to Vasha with his girl. It boils down to one thing, never let a broke man take your girlfriend. They have time to do anything because he is doing nothing with his life. There is nothing that confuses a woman like a broke man with a good game. He will wake up and tell you you’re so beautiful when you wake up etc. Lakini for someone like me I have left my wife at home because I have something to do. A job.