kamene and jalas
kamene and jalas
Image: Kiss100

Thank God it's Friday! With the weekend finally here, Kamene and Jalas have made it their mission to keep men in check.

The two had an unanimous agreement that men should never;

1. Ask for money from a woman

2. Visit her house

3. Drive her car

According to Jalang'o, a man is only allowed to go to a woman's house only if he pays her rent. If you have never done so, then you have no business intruding her privacy.

"Where I come from we are not allowed to sleep in a woman’s house, as a luo man you are not supposed to sleep in a woman’s house," Jalang'o said.

Jalang'o went ahead to narrate how he never asked for money from his girlfriend, back in the day when he was struggling to make ends meet back.

He says that the level of disrespect goes down immediately the moment you ask a woman for money.

I had a girlfriend who would bring me lunch from home. I would sit at the theatre not knowing where I would get fare to go home but my ego would not allow me to ask her for money." He said.

One fan confronted the presenter claiming that he forgot his struggles once he made money.

In his defence, Jalang'o said,

"I knew someone would bring this up but listen, when I used to walk on the streets I never wanted to stress any woman with my burdens and I knew my limits."

He added,

I used to live in Mwiki walking to tao or going by train. I never wanted to bring any woman into my struggles.No woman has ever paid for my rent.