Kenyan Hiphop group Wakadinali which is made of trio,  Scar, Domani, and Sewersyda had a tremendous 2020.

Dropping hits after hits, the group from Umoja is slowly becoming a household name.

After releasing their third studio album, Victims of Madness in November, they wrapped up the year with the group of the year award during the Unkut hiphop awards.

On Thursday, Wakadinali released their rate card for 2021 which got many Kenyans talking.

After scrutinizing the entire poster, some came to a conclusion that they had overpriced themselves while others think they deserve more!

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans;

Mark Osawa: Totally earned the chip

Onaayi: Lower than I expected

Gitz: They're undercharging but charging for interviews is Total BS.

Jimmy Wonda: They deserve it shida who's gonna pay for all that when their popularity is still low


Telehmani: Extremely on the low side. Definitely needs to be more

Kings: Considering the [email protected] have made in the rap industry this amount is considerable but they really deserve more without a doubt...RONG RENDE

Samo: Hata waengeze hiyo pesa, creatives deserve all this money and then some

Gesho: This is abit reasonable except hiyo part ya feature do they charge bigger artist who feature them on their songs ama it only applies to upcoming artists

Rita: Undercharging but hapo kwa interviews labda Youtubers walipe to boost their chanels

Mtu pombe: Why are the under charging?

Milkah: Charging for interviews? Lol! But they should definitely increase the rates.

There you have it, what is your take?