koki kamillah with omar lali
courtesy/ instagram koki kamillah with omar lali

After trending the whole day yesterday for false claims of moving on with a new lady, one Koki Kamillah, Omar Lali has finally spoken out.

Many speculated that Omar is a woman magnet and had already moved with another pretty lady and was dubbed as Kenya's king of mafisi.

Koki the pretty lady behind the viral picture was the first to break the silence claiming she woke up to many DM's and Whatsapp messages regarding the photo.

Calling Lali her 'Old friend' Koki he called out controversial blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi for taking the photo and posting it 'With totally out of context captions.'

Koki later on posted a video with Omar Lali in order to put the matter to bed once and for all.

Omar asked KOT and blogs spreading the bizarre relationship rumors to get a life insisting that Koki has been his friend for many years.

"I have known Koki for so many years, she is my friend. She is not my girlfriend, I don't have a girlfriend." Omar said.

So for those who are writing on social media and newspaper, poleni sana.

Please guys get a life, what you are doing you don't have a life, come to Lamu we take you fishing." Added Omar.

There you have it guys, case closed.