Jalang'o did not come to play and he was oozing wisdom teaching every parent how to raise sons and the lessons they should always give them.

Check out a list of lessons every boy should learn at a tender age;

1. Never shake a man's hand while sitting down

2. Don't enter the pool by the stairs, wewe ni mwanaume ruka! It means do not take the easy way this life is not easy let us start with the deep end we will figure it out.

3. The man at the barbeque is close to the king

4. Request late check outs - this is being considerate to the woman

5. In a negotiation never take the first offer - it shows you have a stand and you are worthy

6. When you are entrusted with a secret keep it

7. Return a borrowed car with a full tank - Show appreciation, make it look better

8. Play with passion or don't do it at all

9. Always protect your siblings.

10. Don't let a wish bone grow where a backbone should - Do not beg for things you can achieve

11. If you need music on the beach then you are missing out

12. Carry two handkerchiefs, the one on the back pocket is yours the one on the chest is hers 

13. You marry the girl you marry the family

14. Be like a duck remain calm on the surface but paddle like crazy underneath

15. Experience the serenity of travelling alone

16. Don't be afraid to ask the most beautiful girl in the room out

17. Write down your dreams

18. Remember at times the rains must fall to make us appreciate the sun

19. Be confident and humble at the same time

20. After writing an angry email, read it carefully and delete it

21. Manners maketh a man - Treat people with respect

22. Stand on your principles