This morning, Jalang'o was spitting nothing but pure facts surrounding real and fake.

Have you ever asked yourself about what you would really lose or gain when you become real with yourself?

"The only thing you will lose by being real is something that was fake." Said Jalang'o.

He went on to add;

Real is very rare and the moment you start being real about issues, being real about your life, real about your life, achievements and plans it starts getting lonely.

Because so many people who were not there for you because of things you wanted to achieve start fading off.

Jalang'o says there are fake friends, family members as well as fake colleagues out there.

He adds that the moment you start being real about your dreams, people start leaving your life.

However, he says this can work to your advantage since the few real people who are ready to hold you down and support you, will remain in your life.

He went on to ask; Who are you in people's lives? Are you that real person or a fake?

I wish you were real so that you could help them grow and achieve what they want."