Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas

Before we decide to settle with someone, apart from their looks and charming side, there are other crucial things that come to play.

Everyone wants a supporting system, someone who pushes you towards your goals and one who makes you a better version of yourself.

These are some of the things that Jalang'o insists are super important to look at before you make that decision to settle with someone.

"Your significant other determines your personal development, this person you call your love changes every single goal and supports you as your support system."  Jalang'o said.


Jalang'o went ahead to put out a list of the irreducible minimums which lovers must focus on.

Someone said that these are the signs that you have met your soulmate someone that you really want to spend your life with.

They said;

-They aren't just your significant other but your best friend too

-That you can picture your future with this person next to you

-This person inspires you to be a better person

-You share and support each other's life goals

-Their pain is your pain


-Just being in their company makes you happy

Jalang'o says if these eight things are not happening to you right now then you are wasting your time. Even if it is not all, he says there are irreducible minimums and if not get out and stop wasting your time.