Kamene and Jalas are out here to the girl and the boy child when it comes to peoples characters based on the cars they drive.

"Don't play with the chic who drives a Cx-5. They are the new arrival and can afford it" Kamene said

Jalas laughing out loud responded saying

"I hear they cannot only afford the car, they can also afford your boyfriend very fast, very quick"

Very true. The chic I know with that car, can afford mad!" Kamene agreed

Then she went ahead to educate us on the new type of men breaking babes hearts out there

"You think subaru boys are a problem ama ule wa Mark x. My guy sit back and relax and meet Mr skyline. This is still a youngish guy okay? Ni mtu akona na doh ya gari poa but still wants to look cool. Hataki Subaru because it's too main stream hata Mark X because everyone has one. Skyline is a very pretty car. She's a beautiful car na imekalia barabara fiti and you can't know what it is. A Toyota ama a Nissan ama a what? Because it just comes written, Sykyline"

When it pitas you kwa barabara, it just goes fast, Quick, fast and in a hurry. And that is exactly the Skyline guy. In your life, out your life, and gone. Unabaki ukishangaa tu"

Feeling some form of remorse, Jalas commented saying

"Akaenda tuu hivyo. Alillala hapa akakula breakfast akaenda hayuko, it's called ghafla bin vu"

And according to Kamene, hananga brakes.

Mnajitetea mkiwa upande gani?