You know I am a role model, even to Diamond Platnumz when it comes to family


Seems like a few Kenyan celebrities are invested in WCB members relationships.

A few weeks ago Eric Omondi said he didn't like the fact that Diamond and Tanasha are no longer dating as he put in alot of effort to bring them together.

Infact, manz even asked for dowry payment.

Now that Eric left Tanzania, and Bahati went there to record a music video with Rayvanny, he also said in an interview there with 'Simulizi Na Sauti' that he is disappointed with Rayvanny for dumping his baby mama.

I am sure their marital drama is still fresh in your memories if you're a fan.

Bahati said family is important and the couple should have solved their disputes,

'I have never met Fayhma but I am not pleased about the fact that Rayvanny dumped her, let me not lie about it. He is my brother and I would want to know what happened between the two, Every time I try to bring up the topic he eludes it"

Adding that at the point he is in life, he is a role model to so many even the big stars.

"You know I am a role model , even to Diamond Platnumz when it comes to family, I encourage them to be patient a marriage is not easy . When Rayvanny came to Nairobi he was so happy. But whoever he brings I will support" Bahati added

Together with his wife, Bahati landed back home yesterday after going to Zanzibar to not only work but have some quality time with his wife away from the kids and the cold in Nairobi.