I'm sure you've seen the meme that says 'it's only in Kenya where damu za watu hazipatani'.

Kamene Goro has translated that for you in English.

Talking to Jalas, she was clear that she does not like fights and arguments

"I make it a top priority to be respectful, to be nice. I don't like to be on the wrong side of people. Even sometimes ukinikosea, it will take sometime to tell you. More often than not, I will not tell you because I believe in a nice and peaceful and amicable situation around you and sometimes I am really pulling my teeth to be respectful to people who do not deserve it or to be likeable to people who do not deserve your airtime"

"I read something and said, baaass. Some people will not like you because your spirit irritates their demons" Kamene said.

For one to have such level of control it takes alot. Maybe that quote will help you understand why sometimes damu zenyu hazipatani.