Phantom Xtraordinaire is out here giving us gust when it comes to our favorite celebrities.

A few weeks ago, we learned the extent Janet Mbugua has gone to, to get attention as she was explaining it to Jeff Koinange and my ooh my. At least she went home a happy girl. Read the full story below:

The other celebrities that fed us new information was Wahu and Nameless.

These two are more than lover, they are friends and so the questions were more of a conversation between friends. Nameeless asked his boo thang what she missed about being single.

“I miss being able to be spontaneous. If my friends suggest we go to vasha I have to plan the kids, my husband nini nini. Everything now has to be planned I can’t just wake up and go,” Wahu said 

Namleess told her to get used to it and she said well, she is used to it and told her man not to catch a feeling because irriz what irriz.