Akothee has severally warned her fans and followers against describing her as a role model. Everything she has done is for herself and not for anyone to emulate.

Taking to social media, she posted two pictures of herself; A tbt and a recent one. In the TBT one, she is wearing a blue dress and in the recent one she is all washed up in a brown jacket.

Akothee explained to her women fans telling them, they need to pass through the process. One does not became rich and successful over night.


"MOST WOMEN WANTS TO JUMP ONTO THE BROWN JACKET WOMAN WITHOUT PASING THROUGH THE BLUE 🤣🤣🤣🤣forget mrs Hop Skip & Jump ( hata upeane nyuma ,masikini na figo ! Stugol ni ile ile 💪

👉The woman in blue is your role model, The one in a brown jacket is her own role model.💪 Walk out of your Marriage at your own risk saying Akothee motivated you 🤷 , expecting to look like the woman in brown jacket 🤔🤔, you will have to look like the woman in blue for almost 15 years ,before you see a break through, and maybe you might end up seeing Success on view Sasa 🤣🤣🤣🤣

👉The woman in brown jacket is a packaged blue girl ,who has seen it all, been there ,done it ,and still standing .Copy her at your own risk , The choices are all yours

👉It takes patience, consistency, strength, willing power ,faith , discipline , forgiveness, daring, Brave to be AKOTHEE

👉This woman in brown jacket will cause you headache, don't mind her ,follow the blue girlPresident Of Single Mothers 💪#madamboss"

As I have always said, you may love to hate Akothee but she always has some wise words for you.