Find you a babe who will gas you up the way Vera Sidika wakes up and prepares breakfast for Brown Mauzo with a side of compliments.

These two shower each other with a lot of love and we are here for it. Especially after we heard they are set to start a reality show, we can't wait to see this.

Taking to social media, Vera posted a very good picture of her man and was loud appreciating how hot he looks.

"Why lie, my hubby is the most handsome man in world 😍😩🙌😘❤️ Love you my Chiiiiii @brownmauzo254." Vera captioned

Brown Mauzo then assured her that their love is forever.

So many people have doubted their love and how far it will go but these two prove us wrong every day. 

"Love you too My Wife 😍❤️ 100 years loading 🙌 cheers to forever!!!! 😘😘" Brown replied

This love is so real that Vera occasionally defends her man in public despite all the awful things that have been said about him.

To happily ever after.