Vanessa Mdee is deep in love with Rotimi and vice versa and you can see it written all over their faces. It's the glow for me.

Rotimi released his latest album a few weeks ago and other than his babe saying that is the only music she is listening to that is not gospel, she has made it clear she is proud of him.

Taking to social media, the soon to be mother of one said,


"I’ve seen this album come into fruition, every lyric, every beat selection, every melody and harmony, every video. There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible a body of work it is ( and you can be the judge of that too IT’S A CLASSIC), however it’s the man behind the work too - my goodness baby @rotimi 😍 you define ALLLLLL OR NOTHINGGGGGG! You’ve given this your all and that’s been the difference because no one can come close to the BEST YOU! The enemy gonna be MAAAAAADDDD MAAAAAADDD! Mission accomplished 🌋 as we enter level NEXT May GOD be the driver as your music reaches the 4 corners of the globe IJN! I love you."

Vanessa is about to welcome her bundle and this is evident not only from her backaches but they recently held a very intimate baby shower. That's when you know the count down is about to begin. 

Here are pictures from their baby shower: