A few days ago, Jalang'o was left amused after he met his doppelganger Stanley Mulee Mutisya.

The fourth year Software engineer student at Pioneer University was hosted on Bonga na Jalas and you can clearly see the striking resemblance between the two.

It is believed that in a world with over 8billion people, we all have a doppelganger out there and it seems that Jalang'o is lucky enough to have met his.

Stanley hails from Makueni but lives in Pipeline, where he says everyone refers to him as Jalas.

Stanley told Jalang'o that he had been looking for him for years just to ascertain that the two are really look-alikes.

Jalang'o who was smiling throughout the entire interview said not even his brothers come as close to resembling him like Stanley does.

"I am telling you not even my brother looks like this guy, This guy resembles me even more than my own brothers"

Stanley said he