While I was still married, Christmas was so much fun. Every joy of a parent is spending time with his family and kids but if it is not happening then you have to adopt. But I believe in that period I had the best Christmas period because I would take my kids to shags, see how they are adapting, having conversations with other people, they see new things and since most kids attend group of schools and English is the major language they interact with, they would force my mum, their grandmother speak in English as they struggle speaking in Kiswahili and that was my joy.

Kids of today although are treated in a way that shows that they do not really need their dads. That should not be the case because the same way that a kid needs a mother, is the same way that a kid needs a father. Dads are very sober and very important especially to a boy child since they understand you better than anyone else.Daddy Owen added that it is sad that people are trying to push a reality that can never be because from the start some things were created to be a certain way. In such instances kids are the ones who suffer and yet they do not choose to be brought into this world. Creating a child is a sober decision made by a man and a woman and when we bring children into this world we should know how to nurture and conduct them well so that they can follow our example, because when a child is growing up lacking some of this basic needs, then they grow up confused.

On matters Christmas, Daddy Owen lamented that some people are pushing the word Christ from Christmas. He justified this by saying that people have been writing the word 'XMAS' instead of 'CHRISTMAS'. He advised that people should put the word 'CHRIST' in 'CHRISTMAS'.

My plans for Christmas are going to my rural home with my friends like Robert Burale, The Murayas among others. That is the only time we can go to each others homes.