This previous Sunday was definitely not Deska Torres lucky day as he encountered a hit and run with an armed man who disguised himself as a DCI officer in 10 years. As the super talented director was on his way to drop Yung Koded at his place along Embakasi near Fedha at midnight, a drunk guy hit his car and drove off.

They instantly launched a chase where Deska drove fast towards the culprit and blocked his way. Yung Koded took to his instagram explaining the night's encounter.

Suddenly the tipsy driver threatened them at gun point when he realized he was being recorded and demanded for Torrez and Koded to let him go or else he fires at them and that was when they conceaded defeat and let him drive away.

They later opted to go and report to the Embakasi police station where they were awarded the OB number 07/06/02/2022 and the matter is now left to the authorities.

Fortunately nobody got hurt but the car was badly damaged and the repair cost is roughly 120,000Ksh.