List of notorious Mpesa reversal customers
List of notorious Mpesa reversal customers

So you think you’re sleek? Well according to this Nairobi matatu you really ain’t.

Kenyans are known to be very notorious especially when it comes to matters money-related.

We all know the pandemic changed the narrative when it came to cash payments. And the matatu sector got in flow with the cashless way in order to accommodate its customers.

Some introduced till numbers while others just allowed you to send money either to the conductor or driver.

But guys began taking advantage of this.

From reversing transactions to sending please call me texts so that when the receipts hear the notification they assume it’s the money text.

Well, a Rongai route matatu got tired of people with this terrible behaviour and decided to play a game of their own.

In hopes of teaching them a lesson and discouraging other people who might want to play this game.

The matatu printed a list of names of customers who’d paid then reversed their transactions afterwards.

The list had the title “ No reversal!” in capital letters, followed by “wezi wa kureverse pesa through mpesa.”

Followed by the full M-PESA names of the clients.

I’m pretty sure if they had photos they’d have attached them on the list as well.

Do you think this directive helps anything? Would you be embarrassed if you saw your name or a friends name on that list? Let us know in the comment section below.