man who caused drama outside Parliament building
Allan Makana man who caused drama outside Parliament building
Image: Ezekiel Aminga

Allan Makana enjoyed his proverbial 15 minutes of fame the past few weeks after his crazy antics after President Mwai Kibaki's death.

Allan who had repeatedly claimed that he was the grandson of the late president recently spoke to Mwende Macharia.

Makana who hails from Marakaru, a small trading centre in Bungoma County re-iterated his claims that he was Kibaki's distant kin and explained his logic by saying,


"I am a distant grandchild of Kibaki. I live in Pipeline at the moment. I am like a grandson to Kibaki. I believe I am Kibaki's grandson because that's what people used to call me when I was growing up. That was around 2007. I also benefited from free primary education as he gave me hope, therefore, I'm Kibaki's grandson."

He also explained that he hadn't been able to finish his college course as there wasn't enough money.

"I studied Education (Biology and Agriculture) at Egerton University but I didn't finish cause I had my siblings behind who were also struggling."


In a previous interview, Makana related how the cops had treated him after his public wailing outside Parliament.

"They took me to a police station and then in the evening they transferred me to Central Police Post. I stayed there and was taken to City Hall for creating disturbance the next day. I did not see any mistake I had committed, even my file was not present."

Makana says the incident made him also lose his job because he had lied that he didn't have a job when asked.

 "They asked me whether I had a job and I said I did not. But the truth is that I had one, when I went back I was told not to continue working there for lying. Right now I do not have a job. I am asking any volunteers outside there to please give me a job."


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