Fenty beauty founder Rihanna
Image: The international news

Hello my good people, if you did not have a reason to smile this morning well here is one!

Have you ever seen how stunning the 'Umbrella' hit-maker looks? Like her lipstick shades and how set her makeup usually is and gone, I wish I had that? 

Well, your wishes are about to come true! 


Bad Girl Riri just announced that her beauty/ lingerie line Fenty is set to launch in select African countries and yes, Kenya is among the select countries.


Fenty which was launched in September 2017, is relatively affordable compared to other luxury brands. A semi-matte refillable lipstick goes for Ksh. 2,900 from their USA site, that is exclusive of the shipping fees.

While a mini contour stick goes for Ksh. 2, 050


The former musician turned billionaire entrepreneur took to her Instagram page to share the news with her African fans who have been struggling to access the brand.


(I mean there are shipping costs, delivery getting misplaced or damaged, and the fact that you might not get the exact shade that you want, and end up sending the product back is another nightmare)


She posted a fire photo of herself in full-face beat looking like a whole meal and captioned it, "I have been waiting for this moment!! Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin are finally dropping in Africa!!!" 

Rihanna then went ahead to list selected African countries that her brands were set to launch.

"Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe... we coming at ya on May 27th and that is just the beginning!!! #FentyAfrica," the rest of her post read.

Delighted fans camped on her post sharing how excited they were while her fellow superstars came to congratulate her on the big move.

Below are a few of the comments :

Ladygaga: Congratulations love, you have a big heart that shines all over the world.

artbyhector: Making histoRih!!1

fentybeauty: What's gooood Africa

ronejae: Lit, I'll go to the motherland to buy those gifts then

joemuchiri1: I am waiting for you baby, here in Kenya

amarakanu: No need to ask where is the album sis. Bring Fenty to Africa.

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