with Blessing Lung'aho
Jackie Matubia with Blessing Lung'aho
Image: Instagram

This morning Jackie Matubia decided to spoil her thousands of fans with a series of cute and memorable TBTs.

The previously unreleased photos show the start of Jackie's relationship with her current beau, Blessing Lung'aho.

She lovingly captioned the first photo with the words, "How it started. Now we are pregnant."

with Blessing Lung'aho
Jackie Matubia with Blessing Lung'aho
Image: Instagram

"Colgate should look for this family. During our vacation time," she wrote for a beautiful photo with Blessing and her daughter.

Blessing Lung'aho and their baby girl
Jackie Matubia with Blessing Lung'aho and their baby girl
Image: Instagram

The mother of one would then post another image of herself with a good friend when her pregnancy was still at a nondescript stage.

She also remembered that the pregnancy had started to disturb her at the time.

with her good friend
Jackie Matubia with her good friend
Image: Instagram

In another image Jackie shared, one could see the actress cradling her bulging baby bump.

She noted that at the time she had an aversion to any smell. The former Tahidi High actress noted, "I was wearing a mask in the house the whole time cause I couldn't stand any smell."

holding her baby bump
Jackie Matubia holding her baby bump
Image: Instagram

This photo catalog will be treasured by her fans who were astounded to find out that Jackie had been dating her Zora co-star for quite some time.

And why had the recently-engaged couple kept their relationship hidden? Speaking during the Women In Film Awards(WIFA) in March this year, Jackie gave her reason saying,

"I respect his privacy and I also respect mine. I wasn't putting it out there for people I was doing it for me. It's all about keeping private things private and social things social."


"We are both actors so we are already in the public eye so this is the only thing we have that is private."

The couple made their relationship public on Valentine's Day with Ms. Matubia sharing an Instagram video, introducing Lungaho as her baby daddy to be.

“Blessed,” Jackie captioned her video.

Madiba for his part put up a photo posing with his sweetheart, wishing her a happy Valentine’s Day.

“Happy valentine's morning from the gentleman," wrote Blessing Lungaho

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