Chaney Jones
Model Chaney Jones
Image: Instagram

Kanye West's new girlfriend  Chaney Jones has gotten a tattoo of the rapper. 

When Hart_the_Band said"love makes us do crazy things..." I thought it is just a line for their hit-song turns out they were not really lying.

Chaney and Kanye have been dating for approximately 6 months and it seems the couple is levelling up their relationship. 

She posted a photo of herself, and Kanye's name can subtly be seen on her left wrist. It reads Ye- Kanye's new name. 

The tattoo threw fans into a frenzy as everyone is confused over Kanye's attitude/ feelings towards his ex-wife and baby mama Kim Kardashian.

Chaney Jones
Model Chaney Jones
Image: Courtesy

Kanye and his new boo were spotted together sometime last month in Japan where Chaney had accompanied her man on a business trip.

Such a bold move from the 24 year old model who has been on the spotlight a couple of times for her striking resemblance to SKIMS founder, Kim Kardashian.

Interestingly, it is not Ye's relationship only that has come with new tats. 

Kim's current boyfriend, comedian and actor Pete Davidson has gotten a couple of tats done in honour of the reality show and beauty mogul.

The latest one reads, "my girl is a lawyer," after Kim passed her first year law students exam. She is yet to take her second bar exam.

It is funny because she took the 'baby bar' exams thrice while still failing and only passed at the fourth attempt. Yeah...momma Kris totally had nothing to do with that.

Also how lucky is she that due to the Covid pandemic California added an extra try from three attempts to four attempts to pass the exams.

But her man is there to cheer her up all the way and that is all that matters.

Also it is interesting to note that it is the new people doing all the extra things and the ex's (Kim and Ye) have done nothing major to commemorate their new bae's

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