Juma Jux
Tanzanian artist Juma Jux
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Tanzanian Bongo artist Juma Jux just released a steamy new music video featuring the gorgeous Kenyan beauty mogul, Huddah Monroe.

This comes just a few weeks after the two denied rumours that they were dating.

And the video has elicited a lot of reactions, with a lot of people speculating that the two are indeed not just friends.

The video opens up with the Huddah walking up to Juma, then the two affectionately and seductively exchange glances with each other as Huddah suggestively touches the artist.


The song titled 'Simuachi,' is a declaration of love and has gotten over 17 thousand views in the 3 hours and close to 3 thousand likes.

However, what caught the eyes as well as blew people's minds is the hot French k*ss that the two shared in Jux's car in the middle of the video.

It was not a 'We are just acting,' type of kiss, it was more of an 'I am into this person,' type of kiss.

Towards the end of the video, while Huddah is standing behind the artist she leans in, hugs him, and plants another kiss on Jux's cheek as the artist sings along to his music.

And as if that was not enough the two share another steamy kiss as the video comes to an end.

Watch the video below;


Huddah herself posted a behind the scenes of the video shoot with the caption, "Huyu husband? Simuachi!!! (This husband? I am never leaving him)"

Huddah also marketed some of the products from her cosmetic line in the video which translates to the two having a very cordial relationship because that was basically self-promotion.

However, in an interview on Sunday, Jux maintained that the two are just friends.

On claims that the two were vacationing in South Africa and Huddah was spotted wearing the artists favourite coat he said, "Ati a video showing her wearing my coat? Anyone can buy such a coat."

"She is my friend and the two of us have met many times inaweza kuwa sio South Africa, kwa nini South Africa? She is my friend just like others are my friends." He said, maintaining that their friendship was platonic

The artist also added, "if I was spotted with her or met her It could be normal just as friends do meet and hang out." 

Their friendship is so cool that  Juma Jux has a car named after the socialite. The car dubbed Huddah is a sleek white 2016 Mercedes Benz AMG.

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