Rihanna Fenty
Fenty beauty mogul Rihanna Fenty
Image: Courtesy: The Sun

It was revealed that on the evening of the 19th of May, Fenty beauty mogul, Rihanna and her rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky had welcomed their first child, a baby boy.

The internet almost broke with the news, considering Riri is an internet sensation who has been in the limelight since she was 16-years-old.

Rocky is also immensely loved by an adoring fan base as not only is he drop-dead gorgeous but he is also un-problematic, fashionable, and lyrically talented.


Following the news, fans have taken to the internet to congratulate the new parents, with most making fun that finally the baby can keep warm and Riri can go back to wearing clothes.

Rihanna made fashion statements by wearing stunning outfits that constantly showcased her bulging baby bump.

I mean I would probably do the same, being a first-time mom is no joke.


Netizen sleuths also speculated that Riri's ex, singer, and actor Chris Brown had sent his warm congratulations to the new parents.

Chris posted a cryptic message on his Instagram stories with the caption, 'Congratulations.' Followed by a pregnant lady emoticon, the clasped praying hands, as well as a red love heart after the news broke.

People seemingly assumed the post was meant for his ex and her new family.

Below are some fan's reactions to the news:

thee_spiron : Drake punching the air right now

_lil.china: I hope hana pneumonia, amekula baridi sana (I hope the kid does not have pneumonia, they've experienced a lot of cold) 

_m.a.o.s.h.i_ : Rihanna afunike tumbo sasa, tulikuwa tumeanza kuchoka (Rihanna should cover her stomach now, we had started getting tired)

smw.naina: Wakenya walidai analeta ngeus ( Kenyans had said she's getting a girl)

heiswahin: Watu wa 19th may wanajiskia ( people born on the 19th are now feeling themselves)

dee_barbie: Let's name him baby Drake

_law__: So our Ex's can celebrate our small small wins

kinshit_bambinoa: Watu wa congratulations Rihanna, the field is yours

nenegrace1210: She was seen buying girls clothes unless she was trying to play with us. But unless she reveals it herself, don't believe it.

meshgee: @badgirlriri congratulations

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