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Rapper Asap Rocky with his girlfriend beauty mogul Rihanna
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Singer turned beauty mogul entrepreneur Robyn Rihanna Fenty and her rapper boyfriend (not sure if the proposal was 100% legit so I am not jumping into the fiance bandwagon just yet) Rakim Mayers, popularly known by his stage name; A$AP Rocky have welcomed their new baby.

Earlier in the year, the Barbados singer and her boyfriend revealed that they were expecting a child through a New York street photoshoot.

And on the evening of 19th May, a source close to the first time parents revealed that Riri had given birth to a baby boy! Welcoming their first child together.


The source revealed that the baby had been born in Los Angeles but didn't reveal the name of the child yet.

Honestly, Riri is the queen of confusing the entire lot. Remember when she was spotted shopping at Baby Dior in Paris and later in Target in Los Angeles for her little one's clothes? 


Rihanna's shopping trip to Target was documented by paparazzi, who photographed Riri picking up clothes, onesies, socks, and more at the store.

It was assumed that the billionaire may have hinted at her baby's sex, over the sheer fact that she added an orange dress from Cat & Jack to her cart in one of the photos.

Yeah... and now we hear she has given birth to a boy! I guess it was really a ruse to confuse people or she was shopping for a friend. Guess we'll have to wait to hear from her.

I mean (in her defense) she did get some boy's clothes too, which people assumed were to throw onlookers off the scent. You really don't make billions by not playing your cards right.

Also rumour had it that she was scheduled to give birth in her home country, Barbados as she and Asap visited the country last month while she was in her third trimester.

Riri and Asap have been dating for close to two years although Asap had publicly opened up about his huge crush on the Fenty beauty mogul even before they became a pair.

The rapper in a recent interview referred to Riri as 'the one,' gushing like a teenager that he finally had his dream girl.

Wishing the new parents and their bundle of love all the best and joy this world has to offer.

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