Kevin Kinuthia
Kenyan content creator Kevin Kinuthia
Image: Mercy Mumo

Kenyan Tiktok cross-dresser Official Kinuthia has finally come out to address the gender pronouns the content creator identifies by.

Kinuthia, whose real name is Kelvin Karanja KInuthia started gaining attention across social media over his love for makeup, nail art and dressing in feminine outfits.

Speaking to Youtuber, Mungai Eve, Kinuthia finally decided to lay to rest the confusing conversation round his sexuality.


Mungai asked Kinuthia to clarify the gender identity the content creator goes by and his actual sexuality after Kinuthia's government identification card trended online. Kinuthia had posted the ID card to prove that indeed he was born on 2001 and would be turning 21 soon.

"There are people wondering why Kinuthia likes looking like a girl, does hair and nails, dresses like a lady and does makeup but when we look at his ID card, gender is clearly written male," Eve voiced the biggest question that she had noted from netizens comments on twitter. 

" Yes it's true, I am a male but like I had said before I can not stop doing the things that I do because people are trolling me because I am a male. Because that is what has brought me the far that I have come."


He went on to add that most brands he partners with are from ladies clothes stores, nail parlors and beauty salons.

"This character has brought me where I am, there is no way I can switch up and start another character. People will get bored, people are used to this version of Knuthia and have accepted it," the content creator added.

"There is no where that I have ever claimed that I am not male, nowhere," Kinuthia confirmed that he cross dresses because it is his job and it pays his bills.

People online have always assumed Kinuthia's sexuality, speculating that he is gay because of his cross-dressing videos on social media.

However, Kinuthia had in the past refused to answer whether he is male or intersex. In a recent interview earlier on in the year, the popular cross-dresser said he loves to look like a woman.

"I am my mom's son in a family of three. I am the last born in our family, the others are sisters,

"I always admired women who wore makeup, I wanted to look good in makeup. I would wear my mom's clothes at a young age," Kinuthia said during the interview. 

Asked if his mum had a problem with that, Kinuthia said she didn't have an issue.

"She is happy about it even now. I lost my dad when I was young. My mum stepped in the gap and the only time I felt affected was in school when I would be asked about my dad."

Now you can all drop the she pronoun and proudly refer to the Tiktoker as a he without fear.

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