Kaz Lucas
Former Kenyan musician Kaz Lucas
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If you thought you had seen it all then buckle your seatbelt because I guarantee you, you have not!

Former musician turned digital marketer come art producer Kaz Lucas, took to her Instagram to call out Kenyans over the closure of Alchemist Bar.

She wrote, "The number of jobs lost, hungry homes and loss Alchemist club has had to suffer at the hands of keyboard bullies is just despicable!"


I swear you can not make this stuff up!

Excuse me lady? Say what now? I mean are you serious?

She went on to add, "You have no idea how powerful your phones are till you are responsible for all the mouths that go hungry from your actions."

Kaz finished off by adding that we should strive to be wise activists, "Yes we can all be activists but use your power wisely. Shame on you!!!"

Following this, a lot of Kenyans took to social media asking her to open her eyes.

Comedian YY wrote, "This is pure lack of wisdom... where will you be free if you are a slave in your own country. In fact, Kenyans are lenient to not have caused physical mayhem... The law will do whatever it takes to speed up an investigation even if it is closed. This is an issue against community guidelines so it has to be taken seriously to the core."

Most people were actually confused over who she was and her relevance but we will skip that and go to the comments. They are below;

fnk_legit: not her first time, even during BBA she sold out her fellow Kenyan, she has her priorities all mixed up.

weightlossplatform_ke: So we are supposed to tolerate racism in our own motherland to look good?

sarah_petite11: The ignorance with people, they are the same people who will chant black lives matter yet doing the opposite in their country.

caterinaplesh: if they did not want to loose their jobs  they should have known black skin matters and this is our land

fatma_razik: we don't even know her... she probably sucks at singing like she sucks at common sense. That is why she is a former singer.

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