in the past
Akothee with Nelly Oaks in the past
Image: Instagram

Earlier this week, eagle-eyed netizens noticed that Akothee had deleted all the photos she had once put on her Instagram page with Nelly Oaks.

That wasn't all. The mother of 5 and Nelly had also unfollowed each on their respective social media handles on Instagram, a sure sign that things weren't o.k between the two. 

Yesterday evening Akothee decided to address the 'happening' and confirmed what some Kenyans suspected, that she and Nelly weren't together anymore.


Using her Instagram megaphone, the singer who has been on a high after her book launch, boldly stated that this wasn't the first time she had walked out of a relationship.

"I have walked out of other relationships with different ups & downs, so this last one shouldn't be a shock or a surprise," she declared.

She added that it was a private matter and that she needed to focus on herself and then gave the reason she and Nelly had to go their separate ways.


"It's just a personal decision, I need time to concentrate on my newfound happiness with less destruction, I need to work on myself and my career, I am not ready for any commitment."

She reiterated her earlier standpoint that the split with Nelly was something between the two of them and should stay as such.

"Questions or answers to what transpired­čĺ¬ just didn't want to hurt anyone. But sorry it is what it is ­čĺ¬."

in the happy past
Akothee with Nelly Oaks in the happy past
Image: Instagram

She also asked Kenyans to respect the privacy of the two as their respective families upcountry knew each other well.

"Me and Mr. N have a family relationship back in Rongo. For that matter let's respect family and keep family RESPECT."

She then finished of her post by defending her choice to date Nelly by saying that he wasn't someone she had just 'picked on the streets'.

Whatever one might think about Akothee, her relationship with Nelly was a highlight to her already bustling life, for many of her fans.

We will surely miss them as a couple. 

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