with his son
Diamond Platnumz with his son
Image: Instagram

Diamond Platnumz is in the country to promote his newest album, First of All.

Many Kenyans have been focused on the interesting coincidence that his visit coincides with his baby mama Zari also being in the country with many forgetting that he has a Kenyan baby mama.

Yesterday, the Tanzanian superstar, decided to visit his son with Tanasha, Nasib Junior.


In Instagram videos he posted, one could see him in Tanasha's apartment playing with the 2-year-old.

with his son, Naseeb Junior
Diamond Platnumz with his son, Naseeb Junior
Image: Instagram

Diamond looked like the consummate dad as he sat on the floor engaging his son as the two played with toys.

The thrilled boy was over the moon as his busy father asked him about what his favourite toy was, which turned out to be an orange dolphin.


And where was Tanasha? She has been away in Paris, France but that didn't stop her from welcoming her baby daddy heartily.

She wrote, "Welcome to Kenya Baba Naseeb. Make sure umepitia kwangu."

to Chibu
Tanasha's message to Chibu to Chibu
Image: Instagram

Tanasha's post shows that the two are on good terms at the moment despite their contentious split.

In a previous December 2020 interview, she said about Diamond,

“Ever since I gave birth, so many doors in my career have been opened. I’m very grateful. Naseeb’s dad is paying for his education right now, taking care of him and making an effort. I like what he is doing to his kids. He’s making an effort to be there for them and I’m proud of him.”

and Naseeb Junior in the past
Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha and Naseeb Junior in the past
Image: Instagram

Of their short and scintillating romance she said; “Everyone always has their own plans in relationships and no one wants to be in a relationship knowing they gonna break up. But at times things don’t go well. It got to a point where you feel like the other person has just lost interest and it’s not because of anything emotional I would say is not living up to certain expectations he had in the relationship."