Akothee alias Madam Boss has for the first time opened up about the emotional damage her divorce had on her. The outspoken lady always looks tough but not always.

In a candid post on her socials, Akothee revealed that it took her 6 years to heal from her divorce from her childhood sweetheart Jared.


"It took me 6 years to heal, recover & move on from the shock & trauma of divorce. I learned that nothing was in my powers apart from my Life and the lives of my children.

I had only two things left, The power to collect myself and move on, or the power to give up my life & that of my children to the world and succumb to sympathy."

Akothee says she chose to pick herself up and mend the broken pieces of her heart.

"If I chose number two ❗️, I would be SIX FEET UNDER. I WOULD BE DEAD BY NOW and you won't have known There was A girl From Migori County Called Esther Akoth Kokeyo."

Akothee was married to Jared who is the father to her daughters, Vesha, Rue Baby, and Fancy Makadia.

in a file photo
Akothee weds Jared in a file photo
Image: Instagram

The couple formalized their union at an SDA church years ago.

In a recent post, the single mother of five said she held a wedding since her then-husband required a marriage certificate to travel abroad.

She added that she was eagerly looking forward to going to America and so she had no option.

"I was broken before I was built! On my big wedding day! We had to do this wedding because my husband was to travel to the Bahamas! He wanted to go with our marriage certificate so it will be easy for him to invite us I was looking forward to stepping into AMERICA like this," she said.

Akothee added that her wedding was a low-budget affair.

"My wedding cost 2000 ksh, we borrowed just one car from a friend and we were very much in marriage, we brought up our kids on a very strong church background.

Before adding,

"The only thing I don't understand about this photo ( Why was I sad? On my big day. YOU ARE NOT UGLY! YOU ARE NOT HUMBLE! YOU ARE BROKE, but NOT Broken."

The two have maintained a cordial relationship. Jared was present during the launch of Akothee's book last week.

Akothee was also present during the burial of Jared's dad late last month (May 2022.)

Jared has since moved on and has a new family.

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