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Entrepreneur/ new mom Vera Sidika just revealed that bigger is better (for her obviously) and she plans to go bigger with plans of altering her breast size.

During a recent question and answer segment on her Instagram page, curious netizens wanted to know if the former artist's behind was naturally that big or if she had done some work to it.

Vera in clearly very light moods dismissed any claims that she had ever undergone butt enlargement surgery, clarifying that she only altered her breast size.


Replying to a fan who posed the question: "how does it feel to have a big nyash?"

Vera said it felt normal as she has had it all her life. Such a humble brag huh.


She then went ahead to explain that she had only undergone a breast enhancement procedure before adding that she was making plans to go back to the doctors pretty soon.


"I don't know since I have had it since I was a teenager. Feels normal. 100% natural. Boobs 100% fake and soon upgrading them boobs to 1000% fake. Get some nice juicy big boobies" Vera wrote.

Vera (probably from DM's she was getting) reassured people that even with the enlargement procedure she would still be in a position to breastfeed as the implant was placed in an empty pocket space where it does not interface with the breast tissues.

"Doesn't affect nothing. During breast augmentation, it's normally placed in an empty pockets space and it doesn't ever affect or come in contact with breast tissues."

In the past, Vera revealed that her first boobs implant cost her 2 Million shillings adding that she had the procedure done at a cosmetology hospital in Beverly Hills, USA.


Ironically, in a past Q & A session on Instagram, Vera had hinted that she would actually adore having a small butt There is a procedure for that, but it seems the entrepreneur isn't yet ready.

"My booty is natural. But my boobs, teeth and skin complexion are fake. In fact, hopefully after delivery, I'd want a smaller booty. Honestly, it's too big. I don't like it," Vera wrote.

The new mom also added that she would undergo another breast surgery once she was done having kids to ensure that her breasts remain round and full.

“In fact, after having more kids I’m going for another boob surgery. I need my boobs rounder and fuller once I’m done having kids,” she wrote.

Replying to a fan who had asked what advice Vera would give to someone who is looking to put implants the socialite replied by saying she truly can not give anyone advice on how to live their lives.

But she noted if one likes something they should go for it. Urging that people should learn to do what makes them happy.

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