'It cost 500$ to design Nadia outfits,' Melina Gold reveals

Nadia Mukami's designer charges 100$ upwards depending on the service being offered

Nadia Mukami
Image: Image: Courtesy

Nadia took it on her social media page to share on the success of the Meru concert as she walked down a hotel corridor, dressed in flashy gold attire.

The outfit nevertheless made netizens camp on her social media platform.

Impressing Kenyans gotta be a full-time job that no one asks for

People came at her walking style, the attire, her body, you name it.

A few people rose to her defense, but Melina’s (her designer) response stole the moment as she posted

“So Nadia is a new mom; she just gave birth of course. It is common sense her body has changed. At least for the first few months' people need to get that and stop expecting her to look unrealistic,“

"I don’t see why we have to treat our local celebrities like they are not celebrities. Nadia Mukami is a star; she is a big celebrity in Kenya just like Beyonce is in her country,” she wrote.

So yeye avae kama mmama juu amezaa na Beyonce avae kama msanii!” she added

It left everyone’s head turned, wondering, wait, who is this Melina lady?

So, Melina is the designer who styled Nadia for her big day, and she had a thing or two to tell us about the outfit.

“I went for Gold because we wanted something royal, something classy, and of course,something sparkly for the night. We needed to make a statement!! And we did,” Melina said.

Nadia had three changes of outfit for the night.

The gold outfit, that dazzled many was what she used to make an entrance.

“The total cost for the three looks was 500$, She knows what she is going for, and she is investing; Nadia is not here to play," the celebrity designer, made it clear.

Melina Gold is a cloth line which creates outfits for sale.

Aside from that, they offer styling services, from hair, makeup, and styling

They normally charge as from 100$ upwards depending on the service being offered.

"There is one thing buying an outfit and dressing it wrongly, and that's where we come in with the extra service of styling, to help you dress your outfit right," the stylist said

Melina stated that it took her a day to tailor-make the three pieces.

“It took a day to customize her pieces. I wanted her to look like a star," she concluded.

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