Nicki Minaj's husband gets one year house arrest

The federal judge handling the case sentenced Nicki's husband to 1 year of home detention, 3 years probation and a $55,000 fine.

Kenneth Petty chilling
Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty chilling
Image: Instagram

Well verdict is out and Nicki Minaj is one happy lady!

So you all remember I had told you Nicki's husband, Kenneth Petty was being prosecuted for failing to register himself as a sex offender in California, after he'd been doing it for close to two decades in other states in the country.

But it seems the universe is on his side and his forgetful note is not going to be landing him in as much trouble as we had all feared. 


Kenneth will be doing time for failing to register but not two years jail time as the prosecutors had suggested. Much to their dismay he'll be doing that time in the mansion where he and Nicki  Minaj live just as his team had requested. 

The federal judge handling the case sentenced the 44-year-old on the 6th of July giving him 1 year of home detention, 3 years probation and a $55,000 fine.


Prosecutors inside the U.S. Attorney’s Office had argued home detention,  followed by supervised release was not sufficient punishment for Kenneth Petty, who pleaded guilty to the offence back in September 2021, because Nicki and Kenneth live in a luxurious multi-bedroom mansion in a gated Calabasas community.


The had recommended he serves 15 months of real prison time, accompanied by 5 years of supervised release and on top of that he pays around 6.4 million (in Kenyan shillings) in retribution but the judge clearly disagreed with him getting that stiff of a sentence.

They also specifically noted that any home confinement ordered as part of his supervised release would be spent in a huge Calabasas home where he and Nicki live in "a gated affluent community" which includes the sort of luxury that is definitely not in line with their idea of crime and punishment.

 In fact, the U.S. Attorney's Office seems to think that lap of luxury is what led Kenny down the wrong path.

They argued, "Defendant began dating his wife, quit his job, moved to Los Angeles, and adopted an affluent lifestyle." .

Well the judge finally gave his verdict and it seems Ken does not need to be reminded of what wearing an orange suit feels like. 

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