Terence Creative calls out Kenyans for not coming through for celebrities when they're in trouble

Terrence highlighted that celebrities are also human and do go through hardships just like other people

Ciontent creator Terrence Creative
Image: Instagram

Funny man/content creator Terrence Creative held a QnA post on his Instagram page where things got a little interesting.

On his page, Terrence decided to interact with fans in a different way. Instead of the usual "ask me something" or "tell me a secret", Terrence wanted to know why Kenyans aren't quick to come to celebrities' financial aid when they're called upon.

He posted, " ASKING FOR FRIENDS, why don't you guys like it when celebrities put up a PAYBILL NUMBER asking for you guys to help them when they have issues/problems.


We are human just like you guys and we also do encounter problems just like you guys."

A follower responded to Terrence asking him if someone in-boxed him asking for his help to promote a product for them, for free if he would agree to it. Highlighting that they confidently believe celebs would not.

Terrence shared the response but did not comment on it.


Below are some of the other comments from netizens.

2mbili: Me I simply want to understand why celebrities don't come through for each other..

baby._ras :Mnatuwekea pics za soft life mtandaoni alatu mkisota mnataka kuchangiwa because why? ( you post pictures of you enjoying life living large then when you are broke you want contributions?)

maureen_muikiria :Celebrities are just entitled RECEIVERS and not GIVERS!!

cracker_ joe :Tough times then the next post issa Prado TX purchase…. pick a struggle/narrative

its.muthonii_ : Wanajiekanga class ya juu watuimpress.….,mnatumia doo kuchase clout alafu mkiishiwa mnatukujia…..(they pretend to be of higher class, using money to clout chase then when you're broke you come crying to us) how now?

wa.nted: Kenya kuna celebrities? Laughing

Mpasho recently held a poll asking Kenyans what their thoughts were on politicians asking citizens to contribute for them so as they may fund their campaigns.

74% said that such people should learn to stay at home if they do not have money, while 22% voiced that they did not see any fault in them asking for help to fund their campaigns.

Lastly 4% of voters said they contribute because they believe the politicians will help them once they get in.

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