Obinna: I feel Amira wrote that Jamal apology herself

Obinna said that he felt either Jamal wrote the apology under duress or Amira wrote it and asked him to post it

his wife Amira
Left Jimal's ex Amber Ray, Jimal and on the right his wife Amira

Funny man turned musician Oga Obinna had quite the theory on the current Jamal Rohosafi and Amira story making headlines.

If you don't know in a long Instagram post, Jimal offered a public apology to his first wife and mother of two kids Amira begging for her forgiveness over the drama that has surrounded their lives.

The apology comes three months after Amira had demanded an apology from her husband over the embarrassment he had put her through.


"We all know Jamal because of the drama that has surrounded his life, one wife…  two wives, and what not. So I think he went through a paradigm shift and had an epiphany of sorts…” Kamene said between giggles.


Her co-host joined in jokingly saying that he also felt that the entrepreneur had an awakening of some sort.

“Yes!” Kamene joined enthusiastically before continuing with her narration.


“He had an awakening and was like, honestly I’ve been a bad bad boy… and what did Jamal do?


He went on to social media and coined this really really long apology to his first wife. Claiming that he wanted them to work things out as they have come a long way.

She finished off clearly stating that she felt that men only use the "we've come a long way" line when things go south.

Obinna calmly noted that he suspected Amira had crafted the message herself.

" I saw that whole paragraph and I saw Amira's handwriting. I was like mmhm Amira has written this." Obinna quipped.

A shocked Kamene asked if he thought that Jamal was incapable of the deep message.

Laughing he added, " Directly or indirectly she wrote it. Like she was holding him by the neck. Yeah, he was writing under duress."

Kamene could not hide her shock as Obinna went ahead to dramatize his version of how he thinks things went down.

" He was like what else should I write now babe.." Obinna said in a pitiful sing-song voice.

Before adding, " No it was more of she wrote it and asked him to copy-paste it to his timeline that is when I can listen to your nonsense.

And now because he needed it he was like a man has got to do what a man has to do."

He finished off by adding that he still did believe in love and forgiveness despite everything.

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