Mejja discloses he turned down a collabo with Diamond Platinumz

Mejja said the only time he does collabos is when artists come to his field and do Gengetone projects with him

Kenyan genge artist mejja

Kenya's celebrated Genge rapper,Major Nameye Khadija popularly known by his stage name Mejja just revealed that he had the opportunity to do a collabo with not one but two Tanzania's bongo stars but he turned them down.

The 36-year-old who is also referred to as Ukwonko in an interview with Presenter Ali touched on how a few years back he refused to work with one of East Africa's biggest bongo artist because well according to the veteran artist he wants to concur Africa his own way.

The bongo star in question.... the one and only Diamond PLatinumz.


Yes, you read that correctly! Mtoto wa Khadija said no to Chibudi Chibude, Simba himself! 

The revelation blew people's minds ( I included)  as thousands would jump right on the slightest chance to feature with Diamond. I mean I would take on the chance to just be a vixen in his video. 

Ever seen how colorful and gorgeous his videos usually are? 


You're probably wondering why?

Why would Mejja say no to the "Kwangwaru" hit-maker, well the genge artist said the collaborations were set in a different genre from what he does... Amapiano.

No but honestly can you imagine Mejja in an Amapiano tune? 

Speaking to ALi, Mejja said, "It's not bad but I pride in Genge music, all songs are good but I appreciate my work. When you start mixing your genre, you are starting to admit defeat and Genge is life."

Before adding that if any artiste wants to feature him in their projects, they should be prepared to venture in his field and not the other way round.

In simpler terms Mejja only works on  Gengetone music and he is not about to change that any time soon.

The " Kanairo Dating" hit-maker added that no matter how good the deal on the cheque was he would not be accepting it if it meant switching his genre. 

"I can't take money to sell my love for Genge. I started rapping in high school just because I wanted to listen to myself on a CD and not for money," he said.

Woow to say I am mind blown is an understatement. 

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