Akothee angrily torches 'jealous' sibling

Akothee ranted in an Instagram post claiming that one of her siblings has been constantly hurting her while acting like it's nothing

Kenyan singer Akothee
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Entrepreneur/ musician Akothee aka Madam Boss seems to have had it with one of her siblings.

The 39-year-old took to her Instagram page to call out one of her siblings ( whom she refused to name) who seems to be pushing her buttons in all the wrong ways.

According to her, the said sibling has been taking advantage of their relationship and has been constantly causing the artist pain while acting as if they have done absolutely nothing. 


In her rant, Akothee wrote a paragraph highlighting the issue.

"Well, there are those siblings who will constantly hurt you, cause you pain, and feel like nothing happened," part of her post read.

The mother of five went on to add that she was not going to name whichever one of her siblings she was talking about but she was intent on protecting her peace.


She went on by adding, "Cease and desist. Guard your peace,"  But it seems she was not yet done with her rant.

Accompanying her post Akothee wrote, " Kila mtu akae kwa mlango yake, aishi maisha yake ( let everyone stay at their homestead and live their own lives) 

We are siblings by chance not by choice, but I choose peace any day." 

Well she may not have named anyone but netizens have their theories as to who she might be referring to.

Back in 2020, Akothee had blasted her sister Cebbie after she came out saying that the two were okay at a time they weren't on good terms.

To top it off Debbie had in a past interview admitted that she and her sister do have sibling rivalry which according to her is normal for all kids.

Plus Cebbie is the sibling known to most and the two have had their fair share of drama.

Replying to a netizen who commented on her post, " Sibling rivalry it is there, especially women," Akothee claimed that it is more of jealousy. 

She wrote, " No, nothing like sibling rivalry it is JEALOUSY. Call it by its name." 

Akothee must have really had it with whoever her anger is directed towards.

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