Drama alert!Nandy's alleged beef with Zuchu

Leaked audios revealed that Nandy wanted to pay a presenter to throw dirt on Zuchu's name over an endorsement deal

Singer Nandy
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Drama alert! Turns out newlywed Tanzanian artist Nandy has some serious scores to settle.

This seems like something off the page of a Real Housewives reality show.

Leaked audio making rounds on the internet just revealed that Bongo songstress Nandy allegedly tried hiring popular radio presenter Mwijaku and coached him on how to throw mud at Zuchu’s name over an alcohol endorsement deal.


Why you're properly wondering? Well turns out Nandy felt like she was being undermined after she was given an endorsement deal that fellow songstress Zuchu had turned down.

I guess nobody likes seconds huh.

Petty much? 


Well, the 'Sukari' hit-maker turned down a deal pitched to her that required her to be the brand ambassador of the alcohol brand because of her religious beliefs.


In the leaked audios, Nandy is heard instructing the radio presenter on how he should structure his Zuchu attack messages on social media.



"Mwijaku, like how many artists were there including Zuchu? Write this so as to drive the point that no one can be given a deal worth tons of money and turn it down. 

Especially an alcohol brand endorsement deal. Structure it so that it does not look as if we've talked in depth about the details," Nandy is head saying.

 "Mwijaku, tomorrow kill it for me, kill it,” says Nandy in another leaked audio clip.

Mwajiku while speaking to Tanzanian media revealed that Nandy offered to pay him Tsh1.8 million (Ksh91,543) to run the smear campaign against Zuchu.

"She was willing to pay me 1.8 million to post the story on my page and claimed that she would deposit the money in my bank account, but I declined the offer.

If she was going to give me the money as a friend I would be okay with it, but not give money to spread gossip about someone else. Zuchu is a young lady and she is struggling to build her singing brand by singing well, placing me between your rivalry would be doing me wrong."Mwijaku said.

People are going crazy over the audio clips as they await Nandy/Zuchu to break their silence regarding the matter.

Nandy and Zuchu have always been at loggerheads. Kinda like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B with the two trying to bag the best queen in the game title.

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