Stevo Simpleboy shoots his shot at Kamene Goro

Stevo said he feels Kamene's bae doesn't deserve her and she should leave him and come start a relationship with him

Kenyan artist Stevo Simple boy
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" Freshi Barida" hit-maker Stevo Simple Boy has turned out to be quite the comedian, I don't know what the new management is on to but the guy has been hitting headlines left, right, and center.

Both for his musical projects and well his controversial statements that seem like something off a Tyler Perry movie.

In his latest antics, Stevo has come out to confess his love for our Radio babe and MC Kamene Goro. Stating that the curvaceous 30-year-old is his celebrity crush.

In an interview on Kiss TV, with Oga Obinna, the  32-year-old revealed that Kamene Goro has all the qualities he is looking for in a woman. Adding that she looked like such a nice and presentable lady.

And without fear or shame, Stevo went ahead to ask Kamene to consider him and give him a chance to love her even though Kamene is currently in a very amazing baby girl treatment type of relationship.

In the interview, Obinna asked Stevo what he'd like to say to Kamene on air as she watches the show and the guy was quick to say, " Kamene I'm stuck on you, I love you. Come to me and I will give you smooth loving and everything will be great."

Before adding that he really does not care that she is in a relationship and that he heard her man is skinny or lacked stamina.

"Nimeskia mtu wako hana mifupa, Kamene wachana an mtu hana mifupa, njoo kwangu me niko an mifupa ( I have heard your boyfriend is boneless, what are you doing with someone boneless? Please come to me I have bones." FNL KissTV full Video.

He added that it really did not matter because he was also in a relationship but they could mingle.

Stevo then went ahead to serenade Kamene on air, composing a love song for her.

Kamene has been gushing about her current man whenever she can and she recently revealed that she actually does have a sentimental tattoo of him as she feels this relationship is the fairytale kind of amazing.

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