Zari blasts netizens trolling her new bae

Zari made it clear that this is the relationship she wanted and she would not let societal pressure dictate her life

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan
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Ugandan socialite/ entrepreneur Zari Hassan has just about had it with people trolling her young boyfriend and their relationship.

Zari's new relationship has faced a bucket load of criticism, especially because the young Ugandan she's dating according to the eyes of the people is a nobody.

This is in monetary comparison with the men that Zari has dated in the past. 


He's also a lot younger than Zari. Well, the boss lady has come claws out to make it clear that she'll not let ya'all dictate her relationship.

" I'm not going by the rules where society is setting standards that we are supposed to love people of a certain caliber. I know the types hunnay!


When you tell me that I need to date rich men, but I know these types, but this is where I decided to stay," Zari said in a video on her Snapchat account.

She then went ahead to ask people why they thought money was everything and wondered when personality stopped being a trait you look for in a partner.

In her rant, Zari said, " What makes you think this person has no life? Just because he's not flashy, just because he's not one of those boys all over Instagram and social media trying to prove a point? 

What is his class? His net worth? His social economic and financial status? You all want to know all these questions. What happened to loving people for who they are?  What happened to that? 

I want to be here because I want to be here not because you all want to choose for me where to be."

A month ago while talking about her lover, Zari referred to him as her husband.

While speaking to Tanzanian journalists, Zari said;

“ He is my husband, Case close,"

She added that she has no problem tagging him along for her trips because while she's working he does not bother her, “I am at work and my husband doesn't get involved with the things I do, he respects me."

Zari was been seen together with the Ugandan man weeks after she parted ways with GK Choppa.

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