Muchiri Mike: I started creating content out of boredom

Mike revealed that he did not expect his first video to blow up as widely as it had as he was just playing around

Content creator Muchiri Mike poses
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Speaking to Mpasho's Hannie Petra, content creator Muchiri Mike revealed that he'd started creating content out of boredom.

According to the creative he did not really expect to blow up as fast as he did nor anticipate that he'd be making a living out of it.

Muchiri popularly known for his skits as a typical dramatic Kenyan mom through his character, "Mama Michael (read Maiko with an accent)"  has been spreading laughter and cheer one video at a time.


Speaking to Hannie, Muchiri revealed that 2022 had been serving him all the right cards.


"2022 has been a very good year for me, first of all I won the Best Influencer of the year award, Digital Media awards a few weeks ago" 

The funny man said excitedly before adding, " I have the award at home with me in case ya'all want to see it, hit me up on my socials." 


Muchiri says content creations is based on creativity hence it's not something that one can plan.


" Content creation is not something I planned, it is something that started out of boredom. The first video I did went viral and I was amazed because I did not think it would blow up like that. I was amazed." Mike revealed.


Before adding that the viewership and attention he received propelled him to make more videos as it excited him.

Speaking about his character, "Mama Michael" Muchiri revealed that the inspiration to some extent was via his mom. He however added that he was very observant and looks for content in everyday things and people he interacts with.

On how his parents had received his content, Muchiri revealed that his parents had surprised him the most because they are super religious and conservative. He did not anticipate their reception of his content. 

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 Speaking about his mom he said, "  The funny thing is we've never had a sit down with my mom and talked about my content. She however mentions it sometimes but in general my parents are super supportive of what I do on social media,"

He added that his dad has surprised him the most,"especially my dad who I was super skeptical about, you know my dad is super conservative and me wearing a wig on social media, in a skirt and playing all those characters I was afraid he was going to freak out or snap. 

But my dad even gives me ideas, like he calls me and he's like do a video of this or that. My mom is also supportive but there is a but.... like we would be in the house or in an argument then she'd bring up something from my social media." Muchiri finished off.


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