Otile Brown: Being nice doesn't get you anywhere

Otile Brown noted that most people who are successful/well respected are the ones who are tough at heart and not nice

at a photoshoot
Otile Brown at a photoshoot
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Kenya's celebrated Rnb star Jacob Obunga popularly known by his stage name, Otile Brown seems to be going through a bad fallout with a close person in his life or is just reminiscing over some hurt he experienced in his life. 

On his Insta stories, the 'Dusuma' hit-maker wrote shared a few words highlighting that he feels the people who you shower with kindness are the ones who are more prone to letting you down.

He wrote, "People you are nice to are the ones who always let you down,'

He, later on, went on to add that the character development classes he'd gone through had taught him to anticipate the hurt people give because well, people are built differently.

Otile noted," but am always prepared for disappointments- coz I understand, you ain't built like me."

The 28-year-old musician went on to note that the world currently was too expensive for people to continue being nice as the world takes advantage of such niceness.

He added that the nicer you are the more disappointments you'll go through.

Highlighting that there is a reason that people who are most successful in life and well respected are those who are tough at heart and hard with emotions.

"Dunia ya sasa hivi ni expensive sana kukua mtu mzuri na unapozidi kukua ndipo unapozidi kuelewa ni kiwa nini walio fanikia zaidi duniani ni wenye roho ngumu nandio wanaoheshima zaidi"

As if to put the point across more intently he again added, "Ndio wanao #heshimiwa zaidi." Feeling that being nice and commanding respect doesn't go hand in hand. 

This comes just a day after Otile Brown performed at the much anticipated Stanbic Yetu Festival where he was among the curtain raisers for American Grammy and BET award-winning artist Anthony Hamilton. 

Otile during his performance brought on stage Tanzania's songstress Saraphina who performed alongside him as well as did a few of her songs.

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