Politicians with the best drip game

Politicians have been ditching the usual suits and tie for when they show out and are now embracing more casual looks serving drip

Unlike before when politicians were hell-bent on wearing suits and ties of late they seem to have chosen to well dress down more casually.

The current crop of leaders seems to have taken a more laid-back approach to their style and I must say I applaud their wardrobe team because looks have been served.

 The big 'Waheshimiwa' are no longer showing up for events, and campaign trails 24/7 in black/ navy blue suits and ties.

Below is a list of some of the politicians who have pulled off some cool casual looks over the months. 

1) Ali Hassan Joho

Mombasa Governor Joho is known for his impeccable style in fashion and love for the fine and luxurious things in life. 

The governor has been the talk of social media countless times with his designer attires from the shirt he wore while partying with Paris Hilton is anything to go by. The shirt was priced at Ksh 60,000.

On his social media pages, Joho has been photographed wearing a Cotton Hawaiian shirt with Tropical King Print valued at Ksh 92,000 and another Versace Gold Barocco print silk sweater pegged at Ksh 89,000.

He also reportedly possesses a Versace Embroidered Medusa shirt that goes for Ksh63,000 and a pair of sneakers that would set you back Ksh 34,000.


2) William Samoei Ruto

Our current Deputy President used to be a suit and tie man but over time his style has changed to something casual and cool.

From matching his t-shirts with his sneakers to dancing on podiums Ruto is getting the hang of things.

The DP recently stepped out in Nike Dunk shoes that are estimated to cost around Ksh. 48 000

He has also been spotted in a classy Hublot Big Bang Rose gold wristwatch that goes for around Ksh. 2.5 million 

Deputy president William Ruto in Nike Dunk Shoes

3) George Theuri

Embakasi West MP George is a man of impeccable taste 

The MP loves to look good, well we can credit that to his background as he previously worked as a hawker selling second-hand clothes at Mutindwa market.

From rugged jeans to designer t-shirts, branded caps, and trendy shoes, Theuri simply wears what makes him happy and he looks good while at it.

4) Raila Odinga 

Known for his signature hats, Raila has nowadays embraced designer sneakers and we must admit we love the drip.

5) Mark Mugambi 

Umoja 1 MCA popularly known to his peers as Ronaldo, is one of the youngest MCAs in the Nairobi County Assembly and well that plays a big role in how the younging dresses.

His sense of fashion always stands out. A lover of smart-casual, Ronaldo’s style is impressive and he does not go over the top to impress,

Umoja MCA Ronaldo
Image: Facebook

6) Mike Sonko 

The list would not be complete without former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

His love for gold jewelry both rings and chains has had people talking for ages.  

In early September 2019, Sonko donned an all Versace ensemble while heading to Kenya Revenue Offices for grilling over suspicious payments from his office. The shirt alone, Versace Baroque silk, was pegged at Ksh 144,000.

The governor has also been spotted wearing a Gucci GG Supreme Bucket hat which retails for Ksh 67,500 as well as a Globe-Trotter Riviera 20 trolley worth Ksh 200,000.

But he seems to have a special love for Versace.

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