Why Njambi of RHHK dumped her baby daddy

Njambi is normally very open about her relationships

Bernice Njeri aka Njambi smiling
Image: Instagram

This year, Bernice Njeri, a former Real Househelps of Kawangware actor better known in the show as Njambi, called off her engagement to Nelson.

The mother of two claimed in a Word Is interview that her lover was aggressive and narcissistic.

Njambi claimed that despite experiencing violence, she stayed in her five-year come-we-stay marriage because she was afraid of being seen as a failure because she had already experienced the breakup of a previous relationship.


"We have known each for about six years and lived together for five years," she said.

"We have not legally married but I left since he was very insecure and I felt drained in the relationship."

Njambi claimed that despite wanting to preserve his reputation, she talked about their broken relationship in order to uplift her fans.


"I tried to protect his image for a very long time. I think the moment I hinted about being in a troubled relationship caused an alarm on my social media and so, I wanted to just let people know it was over."

"He blocked my male friends and every time questioning me about all my whereabouts. And it drained me mentally," she said.

Bernice Njeri aka Njambi smiling
Image: Instagram

Despite not being a terrible person, Njambi's baby daddy treated her disrespectfully. She claimed that despite providing for everyone in the family, he was disrespectful.

Njambi said at some point she lost herself and fell into depression and stopped doing what she loved.

Earlier last year, Njambi had foreshadowed a potential rift in her relationship with her second baby daddy alleging that he had cheated on her.

Njambi claimed that the woman he cheated on her with had told her that they had fun together. She proclaimed that she did not approve of lying.

Later, she refuted the rumours that she had dumped him because of the accusations.

Njambi laughed off the accusations and said that, given the current state of the economy, she was not leaving her partner.

The actress added that her man had been falsely accused by others who wished to end their relationship.

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