Obinna-Ladies who have tattoos are devilish and not wife material

The comedian was unapologetic as he aired his viewpoint

in studio today morning
Obinna with Kamene Goro in studio today morning
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Obinna had a very interesting and controversial opinion on the Morning Kiss today saying that ladies with tattoos are not wife material. 

"Kama umesema una tattoo mgongo yako yote umechora vitu. A woman who has tattoos isn't wife material and she is devilish," something to which Kamene exclaimed in shock.

"You haven't heard that if you have a tattoo hauingi mbinguni? Vitu kama hizo," her co-host continued.

To which Kamene agreed.

"There is even a religion that peels off your tattoos once you're dead."

Kamene who has tattoos then asked whether Obinna's contention disqualified her from being a wife.

"Forget that I am a nice chick, financially stable, highly educated."

Her counters didn't dissuade Obinna from his belief saying that tattoos tend to start looking terrible as someone ages.

"On a serious note boychild are you saying that when a lady has a tattoo she is dismissed instantly?" Miss Goro inquired again

Obinna promptly replied saying, "That is a wrong number! Especially a tattoo on the neck, a tattoo on the thigh! Wueh! Huyo ni gaidi. Also the back tattoos, the navel piercing, and the one on the tongue. Those are problems.

And if she has pierced her tongue, you should run away!"

"That's how we express ourselves. It's also an old stereotype," a disappointed Kamene retorted..

Watch the video below;

And what did Kenyans think about Obinna's assertion? The responses were largely divided along gender lines with most men agreeing with him while the ladies disagreed with him.

Read some of those comments below;

Wachira Stephen To with their tats

Lerionka Ole kayioni Ni wakora

Titoue craig Ni the same na wale wa ring kwa mapua

dimanmkareclassics Wanawake hawataki mazingiri wanavaa sweatpant na sharpshooter

nairobian_hennessy Sa na huyu wangu ilikua nipropose kesho itakua aje😂😂😂😢😢😢😢

aror0gram Kienyeji All the way😂😂😂

There was so much heat in the comments section that Obinna himselfu had to re-affirm his earlier statements.

He said,

"Sema Kimeumana 😂. Haya Matusi below. I'm Ready!!! Kindly dont talk if you haven't been in a marriage for over 5 years with your tattoos and belly button and tongue piercings."

What do you think? Do you agree with him?

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