Akothee highlights reasons she'd dump a man immediately

Akothee took to her social media page to talk about relationships do's and don't's

image: courtesy Akothee

Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Akothee revealed that she would never stay with a man who even jokingly showed signs of having any romantic type of interest in her daughters.

The single mother of five took to her Instagram to share her thoughts on the topic insisting that such an act is an abomination, using traditional African culture to defend her views.

The entrepreneur said without thinking twice she would automatically dump that man.

Akothee was explaining about the African culture that does not allow men to joke around with mother-in-laws.

"In An African culture, no man is allowed to date, joke or admire the mother in-law (the woman who has given birth to your wife ) forget about even hugging, or seating next to a mother in-law," she said.


Akothee added;

"It's abomination, it's disrespectful, it's disgusting, it's suicidal, it's vomitable, it's Death.

In a normal scenario you might be digging your grave. Some mothers though ( Where do you get the Audacity to date or sleep with your son in-law, I could vomit. Mothers ,Please your daughters boyfriend/ husband should be a very no go zone. How even can you think like this ? Kwani which world ?"

Akothee added that she gets very uncomfortable when her girls tells her that their friend said she is cute.

"I  personally get very uncomfortable when my girls tell me a friend of theirs said I am cute.

I go like OK. Let it end there. I equally would get very personal if my man would dwell on my girls , ujinga is a no, tuheshimiane Utakanyaga nje.

The world will soon observe the meaning RESPECT, that inbox kidogo iko tu baad, how can a mother in-law get pregnant for a son in-law."

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