Huddah Monroe speak on being featured on a reality show

Huddah revealed that she knows facts about most celebrities and the fake lives their lead citing she would use that in a reality show

with her beautiful hairstyle
Huddah Monroe with her beautiful hairstyle
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Kenyan socialite/ beauty mogul Huddah Monroe, is known for being incredibly vocal about anything and everything with very provocative and sensitive words as long as she feels the need. 

Well this time round the gorgeous 30-year-old took to her social media page to share her views on whether she would agree to be featured in a reality show with fellow celebrities.

Huddah started by throwing shots hinting that most live off fake lives and no one could come close to the lifestyle that she has. 


"No African celeb gives me pressure lol that is because 99.9% can not afford a 50,000 dollar Birkin let alone a 2000 thousand dollar Balenciaga.

Most carry fake bags and live a fake life, only oppressing Africans because most do not know the difference between REAL and FAKE." Part of Huddah's rant read.


She went on to add, " ya'all be living a lie Monday to Sunday and your followers and likes are the only things that gives you a LIFE," accompanying the post with a laughing emoji.


Huddah added that she knows deep truths about most of the so-called celebrities and if she was to be featured in a reality show with them then it would be a disaster because she would be compelled to spill the beans.

" I have verbal diarrhea and I get everyone's info because people like to tell me things. So if they put me on a reality show with some of your faves loool! I will need like 10 bouncers because that show will be murderous," the beauty mogul added on her insta stories.


She went on to add that she would not spare people as all she was saying was factual truth, " sink them all like the Titanic and with facts!"  She wrote as she finished off her post.

This is not the first time the socialite has attacked celebrities or called them out for leading fake lives.

Two months ago Huddah revealed that most Kenyan influencers only get free products and no check for endorsements. She also hinted that they settle for less by taking up gigs so as to look busy.

"Kenyan influencers influence s**t for free. Or for peanuts to look busy and booked. Living struggle mode live and then when Huddah DMs them coz I'm nice like that and I wanna pay. Ati Kshs 200,000 for a reel. For where?" ranted Huddah.

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