Obinna-Cheating is expensive

Obinna insisted all men cheat highlighting that if a man isn't it's because he lacks the resources to

Obinna said that all men cheat and those that don't are just broke
Oga Obinna Obinna said that all men cheat and those that don't are just broke
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

During towards Morning Breakfast show with presenters Kamene and Obinna, Obinna came up with yet another controversial analogy.

According to the father of 5, there are no faithful people on this rock we inhabit.

The conversation stemmed up when Kamene said she believes that there are men out there who do not cheat. A statement that had Obinna burst out in laughter. 


" What now I'm funny? You want to burst my bubble?" Kamene asked clearly triggered by her co-hosts laughter. 

 Obinna who could not contain himself while literally dying of laughter asked Kamene, " You have said there are men who don't cheat?" 

"I believe so..." Kamene replied meekly.


Obinna could not comprehend how Kamene help such reservations, still laugh he said, " You believe so? Sister come let me talk to you for a minute..."

Before he went on to add, " I'm just telling you the truth, Kamene everyone cheats. Ladies 90% cheat. The 10% who do not cheat are the special breed. Very rare gems, hard to find hard to come by."  

To which Kamene cut him short in a sing song voice identifying herself as among the rare women that Obinna was talking about. 

Obinna ignored the comment and continued with his analogy, "You know some have cheated so much that they are just waiting to go to heaven, and that is why they are not doing it now. It is not that they are incapable or unable to."

 Switching back to men Obinna said, "All men cheat, if you man isn't cheating there are reasons that you need to sit down and ask yourself why.

If he isn't cheating it's because hana uwezo, hana nguvu, hana pesa (he does not have resources or the wealth to) cheating is expensive.

Or he's not cheating because there is no one who wants him because he looks the way he wants or he's not hygienic. But they are others who it's not that he doesn't want to it's the opportunity that he hasn't gotten" 

What are your views on this?

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